Friday, March 04, 2011

Wow, how beautiful.

I know I've spoken on here before about my fascination with tiny houses...I regularly visit the "Tiny House Blog" as a sort of relaxation-moment during the day.

While, with my books and piano and quilting supplies I could probably never live in a TRULY tiny house, I love looking at them and fantasizing about them...a tiny house where everything is planned and just-right, everything is within reach.

the one featured today is really lovely. The idea behind was a woman who wanted to spend more time with her husband doing what "mattered" to them...a big part of that being conversation and writing. So they went and did it.

They live without electricity - they use candles at night, and in the winter, heat the place with a hearth. They do have a septic system (and, I assume, a well). I think if I were giving something up, it would not be indoor plumbing...if I lived in a climate where it wasn't deadly hot in the summers without air conditioning, I would be more willing to consider going non-electric. (Or doing something like having solar panels - which are really only enough to power a few lamps and maybe a radio).

But I'd need a place for my piano, if I were going to live full-time in a Tiny House. And a place for my books.

I admit, though, sometimes when I am trying to fall asleep at night, I try to imagine floor plans for a tiny house, somewhere up in the mountains, just for me. I'd have a sort of "root cellar" under the kitchen floor (parts of the floor would be hinged to lift up) so I could have a pantry. And I'd have to have a library/music room. And a sleeping loft, up under a sloping ceiling...

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