Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disgusting, absolutely freaking disgusting

Allow me to be among the first Christians to decry and distance from the actions of the Oslo bomber. Apparently he was a "fundamentalist Christian."

Great. I'm spitting nails here. Whatever he espouses, that is NOT Christianity. Christianity does NOT believe in killing innocent people... in fact, many branches of it won't even send their young men to be soldiers, because they believe all killing is wrong. Many Christians have issues with the death penalty (and I admit, at times, I have serious qualms about it.)

While I don't consider myself in any way a "fundamentalist," I am still disgusted and saddened and angered by what he did, allegedly in the name of his faith. We were supposed to have grown past this...past the Crusades and the torturing people of other faiths and the bad treatment of others.

I admit I'm also angry because I KNOW, I KNOW there will be those who hate all religion to use this as an increased call for limiting religious expression.

My heart breaks for everyone in Oslo who lost someone or who was injured. And I'm infuriated at the man who did it.

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