Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes you have to laugh

There's just so much news out there that makes me so tired. (Politics makes me want to throw up right now).

But sometimes I can still find some amusement.

You've doubtless seen the now famous photo of Obama, where he got tired of waiting or something (and on that, I can sympathize with him: I hate having my picture taken, especially group shots where the photographer is all, "Oh, let me take JUST THREE MORE SHOTS so I can be sure I have a good one) and waved.

They were discussing it on the news this morning.

And this popped into my head:

"All the single-term presidents (all the single-term presidents)
All the single-term presidents (all the single-term presidents)
Put your hands up, hands up!"

(And of course, later on, the chorus would have to me, "If you like me, you better pass my new jobs bill...")

1 comment:

Kate P said...

Ha! I do believe that is one of the best parodies I've heard of "Single Ladies" yet!