Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Makes me sad

I commented yesterday how Santorum had lost me (not that he ever HAD me - he's a little too far on the nanny-state-of-the-right end of the spectrum for me). And then I got to thinking: Has there EVER been a presidential candidate (at least, that made it down toward the end) that I was super enthusiastic about and wanted to vote for because he or she was great, rather than vote for because he or she was marginally better than the other person running?

And I realized the last person I felt like that about was Reagan's second term.

And I wasn't even old enough to vote then.

That's really sad.

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Kate P said...

I was all set to tell my sister to vote for "Hank the Cat" who is running for VA senate, but even he's got an angle. It's unavoidable!