Friday, March 30, 2012

I have to remind myself...

...that I'm teaching for people like the guy I wrote about in the last post, or the woman in my intro class who always asks interesting questions, or the people in ecology who go, "Wow, I learned a lot in lab today!" and not guys like this guy, but:

I have a guy in one of my classes who is a douchebag. Sorry for the harsh language but that's the best simple description I can give of him. He seems very self-absorbed; on several occasions I have had to speak to him for carrying on a conversation with the person next to him. He also spend most of one class period snickering over the fact that he got a 69 on an exam.

Well, today, it was ten minutes until the end of class. I wasn't quite done (I was thinking I'd finish the chapter and we'd leave a bit early, but then a couple people had questions) and wasn't to a good stopping point yet, so I kept going.

And he groaned. Loudly, and pointedly, and in the most "OHGOD WHY IS SHE STILL TALKING WHEN THERE IS BEER TO BE DRUNK?" sense.

I fought down my annoyance and didn't respond but damn. This guy plans on being a doctor...or so he said at the beginning of the semester. All I can say is that he's got an awful lot of maturing to do if he thinks he's going to make it in med school.

So, deep breaths. I'm teaching for the people who get excited when they learn they CAN identify trees. Or the people who wish me a good weekend at the end of Friday class. Not for guys like this jerk.

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