Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday can't come soon enough.


 Dammit, freaking special snowflakes. The people who have been coddled all their damn lives, who have never been told to "man up" and do something, who have always had someone swooping in to rescue them.

They can go pound sand. They can go soak their heads. They can go fall off a log. They can take a long walk off a short pier. They can go pee up a rope.

I'm so farging sick of them. I have two GIANT snowflakes in two different classes this year and they are driving me BATTY.

What really gets me? When I need a little help, when I need a little slack cut for me, do I get it? NO.

One of the snowflakes actually called me up to berate me for not putting the material up on BlackBoard sooner. Please. I had a fricking STOMACH VIRUS. I was NOT WELL. The material was delayed two hours relative to when it was normally up.

And yet, if that person forgets to bring their assignment to class? It's all "Oooh, can I bring it next class meeting?"

Guess what, honey: NO. No you can't. And I'm making that rule special for you.

Ricki's first rule, again: Don't piss off the person who is grading you.

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