Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning news

The town I live in has two local stations.

Well, actually, there are four networks - CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, but the same folks who own the CBS affiliate own the Fox affiliate, and the same with NBC/ABC. So there are two morning news choices. (ABC just re-runs the local NBC news).

One network, I vastly prefer their weather coverage of, but I find the morning anchors a little hard to take. Two women. One of them, Jackie, is pretty competent and does a decent job (especially considering we're a small market and anyone with real talent will wind up going to a more prestigious location), but the other - let's call her Tiffani - oh gads, Tiffani.

She once, reading a story about the effects of prostate cancer surgery, said that one of the risks was "Im-pot-ince" instead of "IM-po-tence." And that wasn't just a one-off mistake; I get the feeling she either doesn't read carefully, or else she needs corrective lenses but can't be arsed to get them.

Anyway, this morning, doing the health round-up stories, Jackie "teased" the story by saying "And what would you think about a male birth control pill?" Immediately Tiffani started mugging and shrugging at the camera, and making it all about her, apparently.

Jackie looked over at her and I SWEAR I could hear "Jane, you ignorant slut" pass through her mind.

(And I know: Ray Bradbury said that watching local news will make you stupid. That's why I only watch until I get a chance to see the weather, and then I turn it off)

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