Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now I remember

Why I hate the oncoming spring and the changes in the weather.

I've had a near-migraine (not enough to justify a sick day, but enough to make working unpleasant) for three days. My teeth feel like they're going to fall out. (I have been chewing carefully on one side to begin with; I have an old filling I fear is eroding. I have a checkup in two weeks where I can either get that verified or be told that it's still sound and I don't want to have to make an emergency appointment before then).

Oh, and they've decided to do tree maintenance with chainsaws and stuff around my building on campus. Hooray!

This is better than it being 30 degrees below normal temperatures and icy, I guess, but my sinuses actually felt BETTER during that time than they do now.

And in a few weeks, the fornicating trees will literally start fornicating (well, releasing pollen) and my spring allergies will ramp up.

We're also having mold issues in my building but no one is DEATHLY ill so nothing is being done about it. I expect it will take someone contracting fungal pneumonia that is CLEARLY spread by one of the species growing in the building before they actually try to clean it up.

I've been sleeping a lot when I've been off work, because my sinuses feel so crappy and sleeping is about the only thing that helps them.

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