Thursday, March 27, 2014

unionizing college athletes

So apparently this is going to be a thing.

Well, I say, let's sit back and watch the unintended consequences roll in.....

1. Possible loss of amateur status

2. IRS wanting to treat their scholarships as "income"

2a. The fact that then, arguably, some of the athletes will make a higher "salary" (on paper) than some of their profs

3. The possibility of them going on strike (??? no idea if that's possible)

4. Their time getting eaten up even more than it is now by union meetings

5. Their having dues go to some union boss.

This actually might be a good education for some of these kids.

It won't affect me because I teach at a public uni (and one with such poor teams, by and large, that it wouldn't be worth unionizing them).

But I do remember that the old "may you live in interesting times" was actually intended as a curse...

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