Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm here...

...just busy. Work is kicking my butt. (I am teaching an extra lab this semester and while I don't really have prep for it - it's the "service class" where a TA sets up and takes down the labs), it still adds to the workload.

And having 37 introductory students means getting 35* or so short papers to read and comment on (and oh yes, I do comment) each week.

(*35 or so because invariably someone will skip doing it. Fine, whatever. Less work for me. But don't come crying to me when your grade is too low by 20 points. Or 35 or so because someone says, "I just couldn't get it done, can I hand it in tomorrow" after they had a week to write a one-page paper. So I say "no.")

I also have field sampling today, a meeting with a prospective grad student tomorrow...and on and on.

I'm busy and pretty much happy but it means I have less time for other stuff.

I'm glad Labor Day is this coming Monday. (I suppose as someone who is in principle opposed to what labor unions are currently doing - at least, many of 'em - I shouldn't take it off but meh. I get tired.)

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