Saturday, August 01, 2009

Break time!

This one sneaked up on me. Summer semester is done, I have a couple of weeks before fall semester starts. Back at the beginning of the summer I bought tickets (I'm glad I did now, they would have cost more even if I could get them) to go see my folks for about 10 days.

So I won't be here for a while, won't be able to join in on next week's FFOT (and may there only be the minorest of minor things for people to tell to FO).

Tomorrow I leave. Like I said, this break kind of sneaked up on me - I was working like a crazy person and then, bam, Thursday afternoon it was all done. I spent yesterday doing necessary stuff to get ready to go, today I have to prepare a Sunday school lesson and I had vague plans to go over and do some cleaning/reorganization in my office, but I'm really done for two weeks.

And I need this time off. I had one very demanding person in my summer class. They were a decent student but still - it gets old having someone show up at your office every 30 minutes during the day. And I had to stay on my toes because I had a blind student, I had to have everything ready a day or two in advance so I could e-mail it over to Disability Concerns so they could convert it to Braille for him.

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The Fifth String said...

Have a great time, Ricki!