Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling in my gut

I haven't watched/listened all the Massa coverage. So I could be totally wrong on this all. And I don't feel like I can make a call on "he's a bad man who wants to prey on his young male staffers vs. The Administration pushed him out because he would have voted against the health care bill"

But from what I've heard, my gut feeling about the man is, "Attention whore." (We need fewer attention whores in politics.)

Also: am I a terrible person for thinking "Massa's in de cold, cold groun'" every time I hear that name?

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Dave R. said...

My gut says your gut is right on target.

One of the great second titles of a long-ago "Bullwinkle" show: "or, Moose's in the cold, cold ground."

As usual, there was no way any kids, nor a high percentage of adults, would "get it."