Sunday, March 28, 2010

A few bad apples and all that

Thanks to Japanese pROn spam, comments are now on full moderation. I'm sorry about this, and it sucks, but I just get sick of removing x-rated spam links in a language I cannot read that are made on a post that they have nothing to do with.

While it's not a big major thing, it's one of those little uncouth annoyances of modern life. Kind of like someone coming over to your house with dog droppings on their shoe and tracking it around your living room, and then you have to clean it up. You think twice before inviting someone in the next time. (Or you start asking everyone to remove their shoes).

Well, comment moderation is the blog form of asking you all to remove your shoes. I'm sorry I have to do it, but I don't like the risk of dealing with the mess and stink again.

1 comment:

Kate P said...

Annoying, isn't it? What's wrong with these weirdos???