Friday, December 03, 2010


Yeah, I have a feeling if He came to earth these days, He'd have an even harder time convincing people to follow Him and to do stuff like love their neighbors. I can see the questions now:

"But what if my neighbor is, like, really really annoying?"
"You say we should care for the poor. Why? Those lazy bums never did anything for me!"
"Uh, could You repeat that? I was sending a text."


Dave E. said...

"d00d-ATF + 5-O hit Cana pad B/C of that wine thing. After u now. Got 2 run."

Kate P said...

LOL! "But what if my neighbor is, like, really really annoying?"--I deal with that one on a constant basis because I teach fourth and sixth graders.

nightfly said...

Amen! RT@jesusnazareth "I am Way+Truth+Life." #gospel

This picture is hilarious!