Wednesday, August 24, 2011

World. Changing. Too Fast.

1. I've already had several of my stats students asking me why the homeworks aren't available/designed to be submitted via BlackBoard.

Because I'm a dinosaur who likes seeing your calculations done out on paper, that's why. The answers aren't what's important here - the work is. Knowing that you can apply the tests correctly.

2. I had a would-be employer call me because a student put me down as a reference. I was all prepared to give background and details, but all they wanted were "dates of employment" and "would you re-hire the person?"

I realize a lot of places will ONLY give this material out. But, golly day, if you're someone's major'd think you'd be able to give a bit more information about them.

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Kate P said...

I could just see the setup for Blackboard or drop-box submission now: "Scan in your work. . ."