Saturday, July 07, 2012

Childish, but it made me feel better

As some of you know, I make an effort to work out for an hour a day, four to five days a week. (I am still fat. There is no justice in the world). I do this because I am healthier when I am working out, I feel better, and usually doctors shut up about the weight-loss pills when I give them the stink-eye and say, "I work out an hour a day and strive to eat a healthful diet." (If they don't shut up, or accuse me of lying, I fire them.  One of the reasons the "healthcare reform" concerns me is that if I have less choice of doctors, I may wind up having to see someone who constantly hounds me until I give in and wind up destroying my heart valves or something by taking whatever kind of synthetic speed they're pushing for "weight loss" these days)

Anyway, to keep from being bored to craziness by it (an hour on the equivalent of a treadmill is no fun), I listen to music or to the radio. Yesterday afternoon I was listening to Dennis Prager, whom I rather like listening to, but I LOATHE the ads the radio station plays. About 90% of them are about...guess what...weight loss.

One of them strikes me as particularly egregious. It's for Hoodia, which is an extract of an African milkweed plant (I looked it up. Incidentally, many milkweeds are toxic, that is why so few animals eat them). The guy pushing the stuff talked about how the hoodia made him forget to eat...he boasted about how he went to bed one night and realized he had "forgotten" to eat at all that day. (That just seems very disordered-eating to me. It's one thing to carefully control portion size, as I do, and consider what you eat to be sure you're getting the essential nutrients....but to miss a day's nourishment and be happy about it? That seems very screwed up.)

And I hit the breaking point. I said out loud, "Your ad is bad and you should feel bad." (reference, for those unfamiliar with the meme). And you know? It made me feel a lot better.

Childish, but it made me feel better.

I may be using that same line on political ads as this campaign season ramps up.

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