Monday, November 12, 2012

You've heard of "RTFM"?

You've heard of RTFM (read the (bleeping) manual)?

Well, there's a corollary: FTDD. Follow the Damn Directions.

Yeah, I'm grading another exam and it's UUUUUGGGGLLLLY. In fact, some of the "wrong" answers are almost like, I don't know, they had a previous-semester's exam and just memorized it and spat up what the answers were for THAT, totally ignoring that I write new and different exams every semester BECAUSE there are "frat house files" floating around out there.

I'm really put out with this crew. Has everyone just decided to give up? Did I miss some memo somewhere that we're all now wards of the state, and we're just to pretend to look like we're working and we get our checks, or something like that?

I'm really unhappy with my students right now. These are NOT stupid people. They are being lazy and people being lazy pisses me off.

ETA: No, really. It is just random crap, almost as if someone memorized last semester's test. Totally nonsensical non-sequitur answers to the questions I am asking. And this is maybe 30% of the class.

interestingly, the International students (two from Asia, one from Africa), none of whom have English as their first languages? Are kicking the butts of the Americans. This makes me angry and yet at the same time does not entirely surprise me.(I mean - I'm not angry they're doing well. I'm angry my fellow country-men and -women are doing so poorly. This is NOT an impossible class. Difficult, yes. Impossible, no.)

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