Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear "Weather" Channel

You are the WEATHER channel. Not the CLIMATE channel.

When I turn you on in the morning, I want to know how hot it is going to be today. Not how hot some theorist predicts it might possibly be 200 years from now.

If I want to find out what current thinking about climate change is, I will read peer-reviewed articles from sources I choose, not listen to some alleged "expert" I've never heard of nattering on the TV box.

You started to fail as soon as NBC bought you. I'm tired of your crappy reality shows, your need to be like every other network (hint, you aren't, your focus is WEATHER), and your occasional alarmism.

If I had a pot of money, I'd start my own weather channel and focus on just that - WEATHER. With detailed explanations of what was going on, forecasts for around the world (I haven't seen a European forecast on TWC for MONTHS), and with, at most, six-month speculations on what the climate will do.

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Dave E. said...

I can hardly stand the online version anymore. The only reason I go there instead of weather.gov is when I want to see a 10-day forecast.