Monday, June 10, 2013

Spotted at the Target

So I had to run out and do some shopping (bigger than what I can do in town - we have a few decent stores but our grocery choices are not great).

In the process, I went to the Target. Now, it was warm here, but not nearly as hot as it's gonna get. Well, anyway, I wound up parked very near a Toyota Prius. And I noticed something that made me think....the person had left it running, presumably so the AC could stay on and keep the car cool. (My habit, partly because I worry about someone breaking into my car and stealing it, it to always turn it off and take the keys with me. Yes, it sometimes means getting into a hot car but that's kind of life.)

I shrugged, went in and shopped. Some 40 minutes later when I came out, there it still was, still running.

I just hope the owner isn't one of those people - like some hybrid-car owners I've met - who likes to go around lording it over everyone else how much BETTER for the environment his car is....I mean, I suppose it was running off of battery there, but STILL.


Kate P said...

Years ago, I used to work for people who had those Mercedes SUVs and it was weird to walk by and think it was running. It was just the fan running on hot days. Maybe it was that?

Dave E. said...

"I just hope the owner isn't one of those people..."

I wouldn't bet on it, but it's nice of you to hope. Seriously.