Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And yet again...

Another mass shooting, another dozen or so people who will never be coming home again, a dozen or so families left to ask why and feel they never got an adequate chance to say goodbye.

The horrible things people can do (whatever their motivation) always boggle my mind.

And the level of speculation that was flying around yesterday was mind boggling. And the fact that apparently the issue is already becoming politicized, even before all the bodies of the dead have been carried out of the building, disgusts me.

I guess I see these things not so much as a "gun" issue or a "workplace" issue or whatever, but as an "evil" issue. That people are capable of stunning evil and violence, and that some decide to go and do that for whatever reason.

It just makes me frustrated. And again, I think: it's a good thing I'm not God;  I'd probably have wiped out the human race a long time ago and started over with making the kangaroos or something my "chosen" species instead.

I try to do what is right, I try to be kind, I try to help people. But some days it feels like spitting into a windstorm.

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