Monday, September 30, 2013

Drama queen much, CNN?

Right now, the CNN online page has THE COMING DARKNESS as their lead headline for the stories about the possible government shutdown.




Please, CNN. Yes, I won't be able to go to a national park for the nonce, if I applied for a new gun permit or passport I'd have to wait. Some folks aren't getting paid who probably should be.

But really? You make it sound and look as if electricity is going to go off, dark clouds are going to gather, and we're all doomed.

Uh. I think the government shut down before? In fact, I'm quite sure it did at least several times during my lifetime.

Stop making me laugh and shake my head in disgust, CNN.

1 comment:

Dave E. said...

We're doomed! DOOMED!

Honestly, the worst insult to the French now is to call them the American news media.