Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Based on some of the online commentary wankage I've read, I'm expecting to see a D vs. R civil war break out soon.

I'm well stocked with food and books and other necessities, so I can hide out in my house for a good while and probably avoid the carnage, but....there was discussion earlier this summer about "some percentage of the populace is agitating for an armed rebellion" and my reaction was, "In this day and age, the outcome is more likely to be like China in 1950 rather than the 13 colonies in 1776."

Yes, I'm that pessimistic. And yes, I'm considering ALL the outcomes of the Chinese revolution there, up to and including purges/forced labor of the educated classes.

I realize that's a pretty pessimistic and far-fetched concern,'s gonna get uglier before it gets better, I think.

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