Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something that made me smile.

One of the classes I teach is a gen-ed class, which means we're supposed to take attendance so we can immediately report people who stop coming, so they can.....well, "they" so far haven't done much about it, but we're supposed to report non-attendance.

So I take roll.

(How I feel about enforced attendance policies is another rant for another time. It's enough for me to say that the vast majority of D and F earners I have are people who skip class a lot. Whether that's because they're missing vital material or because they just generally have a bad attitude I don't know, but I don't need to give or take away "attendance points" because it seems to sort itself out)

Anyway, one day in my intro-levels majors class, I was taking roll. I got to one guy's name, and when I called it off, he responded by doing "jazz hands."

I never know if it's okay or not for me to laugh about stuff like that in front of the class, but I did kind of smile.

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