Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little glimmer of good news?

Wow, the tornadoes in Alabama...I hadn't seen too much coverage but it looks brutal and horrible. My prayers are with those affected. (I live in tornado alley myself, so I always shudder when I hear about a tornado is truly a scary thing).

The one bit of good news? When I went to call in a donation to the Salvation Army (I'm broker than a skunk right now, but I figured I could scrape together a bit and help out), I had to wait on hold for a little while...presumably, because so many other people were doing the same.

One of the things that makes America great is the willingness of the people to step in and help out those who have suffered a tragedy. We have great compassion and I hope that never dies.

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Susie Rosso Wolf said...

I agree completely and the Salvation Army is a great way to send our love and good will to those who suffer.

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Best to you!