Monday, May 02, 2011

Good for our SEALs!

That's pretty much my main reaction to the news that Osama has been killed. Well done, gentlemen.

Otherwise, I admit, the news leaves me kind of...flat. While it's taking out someone who was (probably) still a threat, and while it was maybe slightly avenging what happened on 9/11...still, I don't see this putting an end to the risk of extremist Islamic terrorism. And I don't see them easing up on any of the "security theater" crap in airports any time soon.

It does make me sick to think of him living in (apparent) luxury in a house in a town in Pakistan. I think they did the best thing, with the burial at sea, so there's less chance of their being shrines and things springing up to him.

Would that we could eliminate every person who would step up and fill Osama's role...

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