Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is interesting

"10 Commandments" for successful students (could also be called The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Students). I saw that over at Joanne Jacobs' place.

It makes a lot of sense: Take responsibility for your actions, take notes, learn good time management, don't act bored (because actions can become thoughts/beliefs)....In general, the whole idea of being ACTIVE in your education and taking RESPONSIBILITY for it.

Of the students I've observed over the years, the most successful ones - the people who went on to graduate/professional schools or got interesting careers - were by and large the people who took responsibility for themselves and what they were learning. They didn't expect everything to be spoon-fed them, and if they missed class for some reason they either came to talk to me to find out what they missed, or asked a trusted colleague in the class.

I used to think that "love of learning" was the most important thing you could teach your child; now I'm beginning to wonder if "take charge of your own life" is more important - that you should swim like a shark instead of drifting like a jellyfish. Because I see an awful lot of "drifter" types and they seem to ultimately wind up unsatisfied with their lives, and often seem to want to blame other people for their not getting what they wanted.

I know I had a lot of blessings in my life - a good, supportive family, good teachers, never went to bed hungry, never worried about my safety, all of that - but I also was taught that I was smart and capable and that I had the ability to make things happen, and if I wanted something to happen in my life, I had to think about my goal, plan how to get there, and then follow those plans. Hard work is valuable and important, and I hope the up-and-coming generations are learning that, because I sometimes see people who don't seem to have had.

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