Monday, May 09, 2011


A person here on campus may have done a VERY passive-aggressive thing that will screw over several of our abilities to get grades in in a timely fashion.

Which, of course, hurts the students as well.

I'm really put out with this person. I can't tell if it's phoning it in because they're a short-timer, or if it's specifically engineered to make it difficult for the rest of us - again, because this person is a short-timer and now has a bad attitude.

I'm just mad because it screws over the students. (Well, also because it will ultimately make more work for me).

People frustrate me, I try to be helpful and think of the other guy but it seems that all too often I run into people who either don't, or who are thinking of how to mess up the other guy :(


profmondo said...

Obviously, I'm not hip to your particular hassle, but I tend to find it soothing not to attribute things to malice that I can attribute to lunkheadedness/senility/teh Stoopid. Hang in there -- the end is in sight.

Robin Plaisance said...

Yeah I get that. I run into that a lot myself. Most people in this world just like to cause the problems than actually solving them. It's hard to be nice to anyone anymore, you never know what they're motive is. Well, good post :)