Saturday, October 08, 2011

I can't read any more.

I can't read any more/listen to any more on the "Occupy Whereever" movement.

It makes me too sad. And frankly, too scared: There are people (a small number, I am sure, but still) calling for things like "kill the rich."

It's all fine the people who are laughing at the clueless 20 year olds in the crowd who are protesting mainly because they think it's cool - but I think we make too much fun of the movement at our collective peril. There are, I think, a small number of well-organized, persuasive, potentially violent people that are in the movement - that could sway some of the weak-minded people over to their side.

Already some in NY government have allegedly received threatening e-mails over a surtax on millionaires. (And when I heard this on the news, my first thought is: Are these being investigated for what they are, terroristic threats? I haven't heard if they are but I damn well hope so - if my 75 year old dad has to be patted down and take of his shoes in the airport, and carry a special letter from his doctor warning that his fake knee will trigger the scanners - then they damn well better look for the people saying, "Kill the rich" and threatening to firebomb restaurants.

(Of course, it's possible - though I'm not sure even a NY politician would be this slimy - that they're faked up, as a reason for the tax hike to be pushed through. "Look, we were threatened. You don't want violence in the streets, do you?")

The other thing - as someone was saying on the radio this morning - it's the millionaires and other taxpayers who are providing the DSC services in the occupied parks. And it's going to be city workers who pick up all the (literal, in some cases) crap after these. (That really frosts me - for all the talk of being in favor of "the little guy," the protestors don't seem to care about the city workers who have to clean up after them.).

(Sometimes I wonder if this will lead to Atlas shrugging....and then we'll see just how well we get along without "the evil rich." I know if I had lots of money, at this point I'd be seriously considering retiring to a small ranch or farm somewhere and, I don't know, raising lavender or boarding people's horses for a minimal cost over operating expenses and just doing what I want to do and saying "screw it" to the idea of trying to make lots more money)

As much as I've bitched in the past about living in a small, comparatively remote I'm grateful. And I'm grateful I have cop neighbors. And I'm grateful there are as many armed and well-trained people in my town. Because we MAY be seeing an armed insurrection at some point. And I'm grateful I have former-military students who I bet would have my back in some kind of really ugly situation.

damn, I'm glad I have all that stored food. If "occupy Wall Street" turns into "occupy Wal Mart" and people have to cross screaming protestors to get their damn groceries....And I'm glad I have so many books and craft supplies stashed away; if it comes down to us all having to wall ourselves off for a while while things get very ugly.

I don't know. I've said for four or five years that I think we're headed for a new civil war in this country - or are perhaps in a "cold" civil war. I really don't want to see that. But I fear it will happen.

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