Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Takes one to know one, I guess

Michael Moore: "The rich are kleptomaniacs and sociopaths."

Takes one to know one, I guess.

He's calling for caps on Wall Street salaries and the salaries of rich businessmen. Why not also cap salaries of entertainers, while we're at it?

What I totally don't get is why is a wealthy businessperson - who probably creates meaningful jobs for a lot of people - is evil, but some entertainer making just as much money, and who probably mainly creates jobs for hangers-on, isn't.

I'm not saying entertainers are evil, I'm just saying it makes no sense to me to vilify one group for making a lot of money and remain silent about others.

I don't know. This is ugly and will get uglier. I hate to say it but I'm glad my annual salary is about $60K: that's enough for me to be comfortable on but probably low enough that I can continue to fly under the radar of the haters.

I really, really hope we're not heading to some kind of Dr. Zhivago future where people with big houses are expected to warehouse many families for "the party," and where those who have education and have worked and earned a lot are considered potential enemies. I've heard some news clips of people actually suggesting violence (Rosanne Barr and her "beheading" quip, for example) and I admit I'm beginning to get a bit scared.

I can see the "kill 'em and take their stuff" idea growing like a cancer among some groups of people, aided and abetted by the frankly irresponsible comments of has-been entertainers...time for the honest folks to think about locking and loading, I guess.

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Dave E. said...

Never trust a multimillionaire who is claiming that other multimillionaires are the problem. You and I know that already, of course, but I suspect that a lot of kids are going to get that education shortly.