Friday, October 14, 2011

Makes me sad

This just shows me how broken people can be, and how envy/selfishness can destroy the lives of innocent bystanders.

I'm talking about the news story about that man in California. He was engaged in an ugly custody battle over his son with his ex-wife. So he went to the salon where his wife worked and killed her.

And a bunch of other people.

And so now there's not just one family grieving, but many. There are people all through a community whose sense of security and "I can go and do stuff and be reasonably sure I won't die randomly when I'm out doing it" have been shattered.

And worst of all, there's a kid who now has NO parents. His mom's dead, his dad's surely bound for life in prison. (And even at that, if I were a judge? The dad would NEVER get custody of the kid now).

I just hope and pray there's someone - a grandparent, an aunt-and-uncle, a close family friend - who can adopt this child and help him begin to heal from what he's experienced.

I used to watch Joan of Arcadia back when it was on television. I remember one of the comments made on the show (I think it had something to do with Joan's boyfriend's mother dying) that everything you do has ripples...and those ripples go outward in ways that are good or bad, and they affect other people you might never even thought they would effect. And I remember Adam (Joan's boyfriend) saying something to the effect that he hoped the ripples he made were "good ripples."

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