Friday, January 13, 2012

I dunno, it just seems ugly to me.

Apparently the Southern cook Paula Deen has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes.

I'm seeing all kinds of snark and "color me surprised" comments and the like.

I realize that fat people are one of the last bastions of people it's OK to make fun of, but this just seems needlessly mean to me.

Type II diabetes can be a deadly disease; it's not something to make light of.

I don't know, but sometimes it seems like our culture is just getting so ugly and there are so many people who are just sitting around waiting for someone to suffer a misfortune that they can laugh over. (This is one of the times that I wish "My Name is Earl"-style karma was in operation, so the people who had a good guffaw over someone else's misfortune would find misfortune of their own...)

I may be particularly sensitive because a person close to me was recently diagnosed and I've seen just how much they've had to change their life (diet, medications, exercise) to try to deal with it. It's not funny and it's not cool to laugh at it.

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