Monday, January 09, 2012

One of those things I don't get:

The brilliant, blinding hatred some people seem to have for Tim Tebow.

Yeah, yeah, he's a Christian, and yeah, yeah, he shows it off. And yeah, he's an argument against abortion (as I've heard, his mom was told he'd be severely mentally disabled and it would be preferable to abort. She chose not to, he was born healthy...I suspect that happens more often than doctors like to admit; the daughter of a family friend faced exactly the same issue some 20 years ago, with a similar outcome - she was told her child would not have a normal nervous system and would likely be anencephalic, and her response was, "Fine, then, if the baby lives only a few hours after birth I will hold the baby for as long as he lives and then bury him." And the baby was born perfectly healthy...)

There are a number of entertainment-types who annoy me (Bill Maher would be one...) but I find it preferable to ignore their existence than to say unpleasant things about them every chance I get. (That said: Bob Beckel's smackdown of Maher on "The Five"? Was pretty good. I may disagree with Beckel about a lot of things but he strikes me as a decent and principled guy....more like the old-school sort of person who could argue politics for hours with someone, but then go have a beer with them afterwards and be friends with them. So often now, it seems that if two people disagree politically, it's hard for them to be friends.)

I dunno; what seems to me to be an increasing number of ad hominem attacks against people who aren't specifically inciting them. (What did Tebow do to hurt anyone? I mean, besides openly demonstrating his faith, and that seems to me to be a pretty petty thing to get upset about). I don't like that; it seems that there's just an increasing level of ugliness and rather than going after people's policies or ideas, we are now going after the person themselves. (See: attacks on Romney's being a Mormon; Alan Colmes' beyond-the-pale statements about the Santorum's mourning of their dead infant)

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