Tuesday, May 01, 2012

a follow-up

My head's going to explode.

I got told by an administrator to do something I essentially cannot do.

I'm fed up. This one person has taken up all my energy and good will this semester.

If I had some other skill, and if the job market wasn't pure crap right now, I'd be reading the want ads and wondering what else to do with my life. (Sadly, in most jobs you wind up dealing with special snowflakes that make your head explode).

NO ONE ever cuts me slack when I NEED slack. I have come to work with migraines, major cramps, and at the tail end of stomach viruses where I still could not eat. I've given up my free time, I've cancelled doing things I wanted to do, I've come in early and stayed late. No one gives a damn. Life is unfair and if you're a responsible person you get screwed royally all the time.

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