Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tired of being an adult

First: Sheila, that totally makes more sense. I guess I had briefly seen that Tumblr but had forgotten it. Okay then. (My remark about my administrator still stands: he's the kind of guy who WOULD humiliate someone in public with a nasty joke).

I'm ready to hand in my Adult Card. I've pushed and pushed, I've tried to be helpful and friendly and accommodating, but some people just will have nothing of it. It's a total "If you give a mouse a cookie" situation, where nothing I can possibly do will satisfy or even mollify the person in question.

Being an adult sucks, you know? So much responsibility, so many people yelling at you, no time for fun. I don't get why kids are so all-fired fast to grow up.

I really want to be a Special Snowflake for a while. I want to be fussed over and doted on and have my whims catered to. But when you live alone....catering to your whims takes a backseat to the laundry. Or mowing the lawn. Or getting that grading done. (Part of my problem is that I don't have anyone, like a spouse or housemate, to go "You've worked all day long. Put that up for now and play Wii with me." And I don't have a child or even a pet to require my attention and make me go, "No, this individual needs me to care for them right now, the grading can wait.") So I get mired in what I "must" do. (Yes, I know kids and even pets are a lot of work....but they do reward you by showing you love. Or at least pets like cats or dogs. I'm not so sure about fish.)

I'm tired and I sometimes feel like I'm getting old before my time.

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