Monday, April 15, 2013

My day so far

1. Come in to an e-mail from a student: he's on a sports team, he missed class Friday and today.

I e-mail him back and inform him there was an exam today and he needs to make it up ASAP. I e-mail him my office hours tomorrow.

Get an e-mail back: "I'm in class all during those office hours, can I take it [over the time when I normally would go home for lunch, as Tuesdays are the ONE day I get a civilized lunch]"

I e-mailed him back and told him that he could, only if the secretary was planning on being in.

2. Got an e-mail from Student Support Services. Surprise! One of my struggling students needs SPECIAL TESTING.

Wow, it would have been helpful to let me know about this more than 3 weeks before the end of the semester. (Granted, maybe the student in question just got diagnosed, but)

I feel like crap today, it's nearly 90 degrees in one of my classrooms and my allergies are acting up. I have no tolerance for being told things at the last minute. I fear repercussions for #2, there are People on this campus famous for thinking we profs are all mind-readers. (Dammit, if I was? I would have won the Powerball long before this, and would have retired and lived off the interest of my winnings)

There's also a week or two of symposium sessions going on, and we're expected to attend at least some of them. Yeah, great, schedule them right at crazy nutso time when the profs are trying to get all their grading done AND finals written, and then get complain when we don't drop EVERYTHING to attend.

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