Friday, April 19, 2013

What the F, world?

Seriously, some weeks make you just say "What the F?"

Two mornings in a row I've woken up to seriously strange news - first, the fertilizer-plant explosion in West, Texas (not west Texas; West is a town near Waco, which is actually sort of central Texas. Yes, it's confusing if you don't live in this part of the world).

Now the fact that the guys who did the Boston Marathon bombing are apparently Chechens. (And one is dead, possibly was injured by his own bomb.) While that was not expected, from what I've read it's not totally confusing - apparently there is some radicalization going on in Chechnya. (At first, when they said they were from a "breakaway republic of the former Soviet Union" on the radio news, I thought: Russian mafia? Why would they want to bomb the Boston Marathon? But I think the "radicalization" hypothesis might fit. Or these just might be two bad guys who wanted to hurt people for no real reason, kind of like the Beltway shooters, who got off on pain and mayhem.)

ETA: The oldest one is dead. And was apparently named Tamerlane, or something similar. That's kind of like a European person naming their kid specifically after one of the major Crusaders. And allegedly, the family was let in to the US because they requested asylum. Ugh. I think of the old story about the scorpion that asked to be carried safely across a river...Maybe we need to think our asylum rules? I just find it really distasteful that people we let in who were allegedly fleeing oppression turned around and essentially oppressed an entire US city. 

And then there were the ricin letters, and some Elvis impersonator apparently being the guy who sent them.

I don't need the world to get any more weird in this way. If the world wants to get more weird, it needs to get more weird in an amusing and non-harmful sense, like, I don't know, marshmallows randomly falling out of the sky or something.

Some days I wonder if maybe we really do live in a "Matrix," and the computer has got a serious virus and is preparing to reboot itself.

I'll also observe, the afternoon after the Boston Marathon bombing, I drove home, and as I pulled my car in the drive (listening to the news), I said aloud, "It's a good thing I'm not God. Because I probably would have totally smote the human race at this point and decided to start over with a different species." (Heh: "Rabbits! You are the new Chosen People!")

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