Monday, February 16, 2015

an ugly world

If you had told me, fifteen or twenty years ago, that I'd see a sharp increase in martyrdom* of Christians in my lifetime, I'd never have believed you.

(*And yes, that's what it is. They are dying because of the faith they profess, at the hands of people who do not share that faith)

I'm glad Egypt is apparently doing something about it.

I am also troubled - as I've said before - by what seems to be a new rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. Hey, guys.....we had a really big war like 70 years ago partly because of people doing ugly anti-Semitic stuff. Stop it.

Granted, the root cause of both these problems (increased Christian martyrdom and increased anti-Semitic acts) is probably the same. (Though I suspect there are some "good Europeans" who are indulging in an uglier side of themselves as well, as far as the anti-Semitism is concerned).

Look, there are a lot of things people do that I don't agree with. But unless they are directly threatening my life with those things I am not going to take action against them. It's a big damn world, live and let live, all that. And I get that "live and let live" is a REALLY hard concept for certain groups, but maybe those groups need a serious reformation and consideration of their beliefs.

As I've said before: it's a good thing I'm not God, 'cos there'd be a whole lot of smiting going on right now. And probably a few nasty plagues (frogs, flies) in certain parts of the world.

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