Monday, February 02, 2015

One more thought on measles

There's a 21-day incubation period.

Okay then: all parents who refuse vaccination of their children for non-medical reasons, you and your children get quarantined, starting now, for 21 days. You need groceries? Call a service to deliver them. Have to go to work? Work from home. Your child's going to miss school? Cry me a river, kids on chemo have to miss school too....and they could catch measles if your kid gets them and takes them to school. No traveling, no going out to movies, no fun, for 21 days. Hope you all have Netflix!

That's what it might take to shut this down.

The other option? Get the kids vaccinated. Simple choice.

I'm just sick of the whole "Let's be a free rider on the responsibility that other parents are shouldering" bit....and the free riders are apparently reaching a critical mass where they can't be absorbed by the system any more. It's just the same in my mind as the (possibly apocryphal) case of the able-bodied guy who wanted to pursue the surfing lifestyle, so instead of working and surfing on weekends, he went on assistance. So everyone else who puts their hobbies on hold during the work week gets to pay for him.

No, life isn't fair, but people shouldn't get to abuse the community to make it "more fair" for what they want.

I have an appointment this week to get my immunity checked, and if needed, get revaccinated. Because I expect this to get worse before it gets better and I want to know I'm immune, not just assume it based on childhood vaccine records.

Edited to add: RAND PAUL YOU ARE AN IDIOT. If it's you vs. Hilary in 2016, I will either stay home or will vote for a third-party candidate. "Mental disorders" my ass.

Any parent worried about safety for their kids: their kids are in worse danger, statistically speaking, whenever they ride in their parents' car somewhere. If they eat rice, they consume more dangerous chemicals (much rice, esp. grown in Texas or Bangaladesh, contains high levels of arsenic).

People get "choice" in vaccines only if their kids don't come into contact with kids who can't safely be vaccinated - or people with compromised immune systems - or people whose immunity has worn off. There's no way to ensure this UNLESS you and your kids live on a commune and never interact with the public.

This is not solely a personal freedom issue because an unvaccinated child could inadvertently harm others. 

I'm really, really, disappointed in Rand Paul over this. (And Chris Christie, but I was already so not on board with him)

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