Thursday, July 02, 2009

It's a day early....

...but Cancer can FOAD.

My mom called last night. One of her best friends has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My mom's friend is in her early to mid 80s and has had other health issues (she had heart surgery about 10 years ago), and the cancer's started to spread, so she's decided not to have surgery, but rather to use chemo and radiation to try to prolong quality of life for however long it may last.

I respect her decision - I probably would have done the same thing in her place - but it still makes me sad and angry at Cancer.

She did say her doctor was pretty hopeful that some of the newer treatments could help her have good quality of life for a couple more years. And she has a daughter in Houston who is going to set up appointments for her at M.D. Anderson, to see if they have any different advice.

But still, it sucks. I know far too many people who've had cancer, who died of cancer, or who are fighting it now.

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