Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Sandy said...

If you're not reading "Junkfood Science" (link is in the sidebar over there), Sandy Swarcz has had a great run-down of the whole health-care-change debacle (which, thanks to the CBO, may be dead for now - thank goodness).

Her latest post. I have to say, as one of those supposedly-fat-Americans that this is supposedly being sold to, I have been afraid - very afraid.

I trust my doctor FAR FAR FAR more than I trust some politician to know what's right for me. True, there are bad doctors out there (I quit going to a particular internist after I realized that EVERY STINKING TIME I went in she was pushing weight-loss drugs at me - even when I went in for a flu shot, even after I had told her I was not excessively troubled by my weight, that it didn't seem to handicap me, and that I was exercising and eating healthfully). But I think there are a lot more politicians who don't have the patients' interests at heart - because they don't KNOW the patients the way the doctors do.

The problem with politicians, is that they tend to do one-size-fits-all solutions. If you love Zero Tolerance, you'll love politician-run health care. (Which would probably work out to: Zero Tolerance for people over 75 with cancer. Zero Tolerance for fat people. Zero tolerance for people with Type II diabetes, COPD, heart disease, and other arguably "lifestyle caused" diseases)

I tend to feel that most any time a politician gets his or her nose in something, there are going to be two things that happen: it's going to get more expensive, and it's going to get more restrictive.

So I'm glad and relieved to see that this looks like it's not going to be a reality, at least right now. (As a commentator I heard somewhere said: "The President took six months to pick out a puppy for his family, but he's insisting on health-care reform in 4 weeks or less?!?!")

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Anonymous said...

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not their own facts" - Daniel Patrick Moynahan.

Your facts are wrong. No one, I repeat no one, is taking your choice of doctors or health plans away. That had been stated many times by the administration in no uncertain terms. The only ones lying about that are the insurance companies and right-wing commentators who are clueless on the facts. Again the facts, not opinion. So please stop rambling on about inaccurate information.