Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sad and angry news

You've probably heard about the creeps (the most g-rated word I can come up with, and it's not strong enough) arrested in Florida for killing a couple that adopted special-needs kids.

Emily said it once before about another situation, but I think it applies here:

The wrong people died.

Seriously. These creeps went into the house of this couple, and in front of several of the kids, murdered the parents in cold blood. A couple of the creeps had apparently worked for the couple. The couple was known to be wealthy, which I suppose ignited the greed and sense of entitlement in the creeps: "Hey, why don't we have that? We want that. Hell, we deserve it, let's go get it."

This just makes me splutter with rage - this couple, from everything I've heard, was doing something to help. To make a positive difference in this world. They were doing the kind of thing I only wish I had the resources, the stamina, and the personal fortitude to do.

And now they're gone. And their 16 kids will have to find new caretakers.

I effin' hate the human race some days.

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