Friday, December 11, 2009

A moment of silliness

From Tom Lehrer and a YouTuber who decided to add pictures (I LOLed at the Weasley twins becoming twine)

I remember this from my childhood - a bit of Google searching turns up that it was a bit on Electric Company (in its first run); apparently the producer of the show had been a classmate of Lehrer's at Harvard.

I never realized until now that Lehrer had done that song; that's pretty wonderful.


The Fifth String said...

"Electric Company" was after my time but I discovered a few years ago, when I bought the boxed set, that Tom* wrote and performed songs for it. Here's another good one.

*I call him Tom because I took a math class from him in college. I knew you'd be impressed, if you hadn't already seen the many times I've bragged about that.

WV: plibw - I don't know what it means, but I think Tom included it in his "Elements Song".

Kate P said...

Great blast from the past. "The Electric Company" taught me to read before I was four years old--and that song is why to this very day my father says "ice cub" instead of "ice cube"(at home, not in public).

Ken, the "Elements Song" is a frequent favorite on the local kids' radio program. I like that one, too.

The Fifth String said...

A frequent "favorite on the local kids' radio program"?

That is so cool.

Kate P said...

The kids really do love the classics (for want of a better word).

They love the "Who's on First?" routine by Abbott & Costello, anything by Allan Sherman, "I Wuv Wabbits" by Spike Jones. . . it's very interesting. Take at look at and click on the Music Box and you'll see quite the variety of artists!