Thursday, December 10, 2009

A question

I don't mean this to be snarky - I genuinely don't understand or know. And I'm not a fan of the BCS system of college football.

But why is Congress taking upon itself to abolish BCS? Where do they get the authority? Is this some kind of "interstate commerce" thing?

It just seems so random to me, in the middle of a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a horrible economy, and the whole health-care mess, that they're trying to deal with how the "best" college football team is decided as well.


Dave R. said...

The college sports organizations, NCAA and NAIA, are self-governing consortiums. So are the NBA, NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball. They are not controlled in any fashion by the federal government, nor should they be. The last time there was a baseball players' strike, a U.S. House Committee briefly held a hearing to see if it could legally do anything about the strike, and lawmakers concluded, rightly, that they couldn't. Then-President Clinton came to the same conclusion (although the Monica assignations were happening at the same time, so maybe he was distracted).

This current case is yet another example of liberals wanting the power to direct other people how to run their lives and other organizations how to run their business. If there is truly a better way to conduct football playoffs (a front-page, life-or-death issue if I ever saw one), there is nothing to prevent schools of higher education from forming a new consortium to compete with the existing ones.

Mr. Bingley said...

What Dave said plus it serves as a nice headline grabbing distraction from their more mundane schmaybe reading a bill to decimate our economy before they vote on it.

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The Fifth String said...


I thought that was the conservative remake of "Irma La Douce".