Monday, February 22, 2010

bang. head. here.

I think one of my lab students showed up high this afternoon.

Glittery eyes, talked really fast and breathlessly, couldn't sit still, couldn't follow directions worth a crap. I kept following him around just to be sure he didn't hurt himself.

Look, my policy on drugs tends to be: do what you will do, AS LONG AS you are not harming someone else*. (My preference would be for people to NOT take drugs, but whatever, people are going to). But it borders on harm when you show up to lab stoned and jittery.

(*And yeah, arguably, you could point out that buying drugs could technically cause harm, seeing as some of the money - for pot and meth at least - goes to violent drug gangs that have turned Nuevo Laredo and other border towns into lawless hellholes. But I'm talking about harm like getting behind the wheel messed-up and crashing into a school bus or something)

I'm just glad it wasn't the day we were working with cyanide. Or the Bunsen burners.

It didn't help that he was wearing a t-shirt that, for all intents and purposes, declared that the wearer was a "Dick" (and no, his first name is not Richard.)

It's gonna be a loooooong semester with that class, I fear. I may have to pull the guy aside and ask him if he's OK, really? if he shows up like that again.

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