Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ha! Tell me another one.

I can't find a link to a story that actually comes out and says this online, but I half-heard on the news this morning that apparently someone in the U.S. Government has suggested they oversee the Toyota recall, so it can be done "more efficiently."

BWAH hahahahah! US government, and greater efficiency, together in the same sentence! It's like, one of those oxymoron things.

Is there gonna be a Recall Czar? I'm sure either Rahm or our President still have a few friends who are seeking cushy jobs.

In all seriousness: I wonder how much of this is media hype, and how much of it is stimulated by the fact that Toyota has pretty much whupped GM's tail for 20+ years.

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Kate P said...

Yeah, I heard that, too! It's as if someone had been wondering, "Well, how could it get any more screwed up?"