Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Okay, I officially love kefir.

Kefir is kind of like yogurt, except it's more liquid (you drink it) and it has more different types of good bacteria in it.

Kefir made my nasty tummy feel a lot better today. (I usually buy either the raspberry or strawberry-cream flavor. I've had the plain, and it's fine, but the strawberry flavor tastes better to me).

The only sad thing is that I haven't found anywhere in my little town that sells it; I always try to buy some on the trip to the next largest town south of me. The one that has a bigger nicer grocery store. I try to keep some on hand most of the time - it keeps pretty well, like yogurt does - but I do rather wish there were a place in my town that sold it.

Yeah, I know, kefir is one of those hippie-crunchy type foods, but something that makes my stomach feel as much better as it did today is a valuable food in my book.

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Kate P said...

Awesome! I have been searching for the coconut-milk version around here; can't wait to try it.