Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Popping in quickly to say:

I (heart) Charles Krauthammer. The man is a genius and, I think, the best and most-reasoned columnist writing today.

(I used to (heart) Ben Stein, but then he kind of veered off into anti-teaching-evolution territory and I lost love for him.)


Dave R. said...

Yet another thing you had better not verbalize to most of your faculty colleagues, even though you're absolutely right!

Dave R. said...

P.S. re Krauthammer's swimming pool accident while he was in med school, which left him paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for life and forced him to change his prospective line of work: tragic for him personally, and in the long run beneficial for the nation.

I know that sounds awful. Criticize me for saying it and I might agree with you.