Thursday, April 26, 2012

A different 99%

I'm having to fill out a bunch of extra paperwork for a reimbursement for something. Apparently this is now necessary because of an embezzlement case. (I'm also going to have to wait longer than I did in the past for my reimbursement).

And it got me thinking: The 1% and the 99% we should be worrying ourselves with are not WHO is making WHAT KIND OF money, but about morals and ethics.

I may be a Pollyanna here in my thinking, but it seems to me that 99% of the population (at least, 99% of the people I come into contact with) are, by and large, decent, law-abiding people.The sort of people who wouldn't embezzle, or commit nepotism, or cronyism, or whatever. But there's that 1% of the people who are the scumbags who do what they ought not to do. And then, of course, more rules and regulations get passed, it gets harder to DO things....and the people who get hurt are the 99% of the law-abiding people, because they are trying to comply with the laws and "do the right thing," even if in some cases they think the regulations are foolish. And that 1% of people - the scumbags who have no compunction about stealing money from a business or about setting their nephew up with a sinecure - are busy figuring out ways around the new regulations.

This reimbursement is for expenses incurred in March. Apparently I will see my money in July. (That's provided "they" don't claim, "Oh, it's a new fiscal year, sorry...."). It's not a huge amount of money ($70), but still, it's partly the principle of it.

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