Friday, April 13, 2012

This really bugged me

Yesterday, I got a phone call:

"Dr. Ricki, this is Administrator A. Do you have a little time right now?"

And I was all, oh crap what now. And I said, "Uh, I'm preparing for class, but I have a few moments."

And so, A went on: "You have Student B in your class. As you know, Student B has a number of disabilities. Student B was having problems last week because Student B ran out of medications but now has a refill."

And I'm like: okay, why are you telling me this? (And a note: Student B missed lab AGAIN yesterday).

So A says, "Student B has come to me about an assignment he handed in late."

And my response was, wearily: "I know Student B has had health issues. I've let him hand in stuff late even though I normally don't. I have the late assignment on my desk; I just haven't gotten to grading it yet."

And then she was like "No, he has an assignment right now that's late that he wants me to tell you to allow him to hand it in."

Sorry, WTF? Rather than coming and asking me FIRST, and getting my "yes, that's OK" he goes to an ADMIN and sics her on me. That's creepy and wrong and I feel very bad about it.

What's worse? As she was explaining this to me, I could hear B in the background telling her what to say.

I said "Yes, that assignment can be handed in" (in fact, it wasn't due yet. But what the hell ever.I'm not going to argue with someone whose grasp on reality isn't that tight).

But MAN. Getting an administrator to call up, and I presume bully a bit if I said no, rather than asking me first? That seems very slimy.

I'm happy to make accommodations for disabilities - I always do - but I don't like feeling like people need to get Big Brother or Big Sister to call me up and TELL me to do it.

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