Monday, April 23, 2012


I was driving to church yesterday. I have a Sirius/XM subscription in my car. (I love it. There are NO GOOD local radio stations here - heck, I think we have three FM stations I can pick up). I listen to the Classical Pops channel most of the time.

I have one complaint about the announcers: they sometimes talk an awful lot. And they have a habit of talking up not the NEXT piece they are going to play, but one they're going to play in 20 minutes. And I get that probably most people listening to Sirius/XM are either driving for longer than that, or are listening at home. But it does bug me to hear something cool advertised and then realize that I'll be at work (or whereever) long before they play it.

But another annoyance, yesterday: the commentator noted that it was Earth Day (no biggie, that) and that "Maybe you could take the stairs today rather than the elevator. It saves power and it's good exercise."


This is one of the things that bugs me SO MUCH about the modern world: wagging fingers everywhere. Turn off that light, it wastes power. Buy ugly, hard-to-safely-dispose-of fluorescent bulbs to light your house for the hour or two you're home in the evenings, because it's good for the earth. Don't eat that Twinkie! Choke down some ungodly amount of bad-tasting vegetables (no butter, no cheese sauce!) because it's good for you. Eat your peas.  And on, and on.

One reason I listen to "noncommercial" radio that I pay for is SO. I. DON'T. HAVE. TO. PUT. UP. WITH. ADS. And I'm sorry, but nannying messages are like ads to me. While I didn't hate this PSA as much as I hated the one that one of the local AM stations runs, that basically implies if you're not giving HOURS of your free time to after school programs, YOU are to blame for delinquency, still, annoying. I like a little escape in my life and that includes not being reminded of what I "should" be doing. I'm good enough at "shoulding" on myself, thanks.

The thing is, that guy's comment made me want to go FIND an elevator and RIDE it, even though I wouldn't need to.


The Fifth String said...

Yes, I'm still alive, darlin', in case you were wondering. Just not doing the blog thing as much. Who knew that marrying off two daughters and having the house to ourselves would result in less free time? Pretty much limited to FB with my high school peeps and a few blog friends. And not much else. Hugs, my dearest Ricki. Will try to keep up... ;)

Dave E. said...

I hear you, however I will say I don't mind eating my vegetables. I pity the fool though, who gets between me and my butter or cheese sauce.